Chairman Desk

Rajaram D. Pangavhane (Patil)
Founder President,
Nahsik Gramin Shikshan Prasarak Mandal.

Dear Students,

        Welcome to Brahma Valley Public School & Junior college. Our aim of starting this school is to facilitate the best quality education for all. We intend to impart an all round education which will make students physically fit , mentally alert, intellectually capable , emotionally balanced , socially responsible and morally forthright. We will also help them strive hard towards their goals. Our way of working teaches our students to be self reliant and confident.

        Students should know that they are a part of the society which they should never neglect. We try to instill human values in them and mould them to become better citizens. This is the way Brahma Valley Public School & Junior college will change the life of our beloved ones who will surely make you proud.

Brahma Valley College of Engineering & Research Institute
Brahma Valley College of Technical Education(Polytechnic)
Brahma Valley Institute of Management(M.B.A / M.C.M)
Brahma Valley College of Pharmacy(B.Pharmacy)
Brahma Valley College of Education(B.Ed,D.Ed)
Brahma Valley Arts,Commerce and science college
Brahma Valley Residential English Medium Public School(Anjaneri)
Brahma Valley Junior College